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BREAKING NEWS!   Innovative Fabrics for the Security Industry  

We, Glynis Gray and Trish Barlow-Jones, the two women behind this leading uniform supplier are continually on the lookout for opportunities to save you money - without compromising quality.  

Advances in technology have made fabrics more durable and better suited to the security industry.

We are excited and proud to introduce you to Tuff Weave Shirts, only available from Tiger Guardgear.  

Advantages of Tuff Weave:  

  • Stronger than poly cotton (high dirt areas withstand scrubbing)
  • Superior colour fastness - uniforms retain their colour for longer
  • Superior block out - no yellowing of white shirts
  • Minimal wash care - fabric dries overnight and requires no ironing  

The above benefits results in a uniform shirt that looks crisper and more professional for longer.