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Proudly BBEEE  Certified Level 2
62% Black Owned, 30% Black Woman Owned


We recognise the risks and the uncertainty of handing your entire uniform requirements to a different supplier and we are so confident that we will exceed your expectations that we encourage you to contact any one of our customers for their opinion.  

 In addition, we supply uniforms to approved customers on a consignment basis, reducing the perceived risks even further.


High standards are a fundamental part of the Tiger operation and quality is not negotiable. We only work with established suppliers who have earned our trust. Strategic planning combined with solid relationships with our manufacturers enable us to supply reliable and consistent quality.

We have always offered an unconditional guarantee and our policy of consistent customer service and reliability sets us apart from the norm. .


Skilled fabric choices are important. We will not manufacture goods using “cheap” parcels of inferior fabrics as quality products will outlast cheaper fabrics, reducing your annual costs. We appreciate that strength and durability are essential for uniforms in everyday use and so all of our garments are manufactured with superior trims to withstand the rigours of the industry. Wash care instructions are provided for all of our uniforms.

Reliable On-time Delivery

A central distribution point allows for daily hands-on management by the partners, Trish and Glynis. We check stock quantities regularly to maintain predetermined levels at all times and we take it personally if we are unable to meet our customer delivery expectations and dispatch within 24 hours.


Value for money is essential and transparency is a core feature of our service. We strive to find new and innovative materials to save our customers money, as well as to extend the serviceability of the garments.  

We deliver….. SERVICE….. QUALITY….. VALUE

Assuring you of our undivided attention,

Trish Barlow-Jones           Glynis Gray