Specialised Accessories

Batons, Handcuffs, Pepper Spray, Epaulettes, Badges...

Security Accessories • Torches • Batons • Tonfa Batons • Baton Holders • Handcuffs • Handcuffs Pouches • Lanyards • Whistles • Epaulettes • Flashes • Hats • Military Berets • Balaclavas
Caps • Rain Suits • Pepper Spray • Pepper Spray Pouches • Socks
Gun Holsters • Occurrence Books • Badges


Proudly BBEEE Certified Level 2
62% Black Owned, 30% Black Woman Owned


Everything supplied by us is of a consistent quality and has the Tiger guarantee.


We understand the unique challenges of the uniform industry, and strive to manufacture everything with this in mind.

Personal and Prompt Attention

While we maintain stock levels of the most commonly used uniform accessories, if there is anything you require over and above these core items, we will source it for you.

Customised Uniforms

We assess and forecast each customer’s requirements, allowing for unexpected contracts and then maintain the contracted stock levels of fully branded uniforms. We are flexible enough to offer a fast turnaround service on both printing and embroidery if required.

We also supply uniforms to approved customers on a consignment basis to ensure that you are always able to dress your staff. This means that we maintain an agreed level of uniforms on your premises and you only pay for them once they have been issued to your guards.

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